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seeking help w/ lodging

four way-out-of-towners (two Charter Members, two new initiates) seek accommodations from NOLA based member(s) for Carnival. Am willing to cook in exchange for lodging. Help?
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Me at MOM's Ball 2010

Per George's request...

... here's an offering from "A Book Of Pagan Prayer" by John Matthews and Ceisiwr Serith that I posted a while ago:

"Within this water lurks fire
and so it is a dangerous thing,
where opposites dwell in balance.
But the dangerous spots of in-between
are also the places of power.
God of ecstacy, guide us in the proper use
of this thing of danger and power.
May we use it well for your purposes."

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Alright you butt-bangers, my 33rd B-day party is tomorrow at 3pm till I pass out. There's a pool, so please bring a swimsuit or swim nude, I don't care. We've got Barb-b-Coon and Muskrat on the pit as well as more platonic meats. Basic booze will be provided, as will cake. Now, if you want something to drink or eat specifically, then bring it. Bring friends, music, rediculousness and anything else for that matter. Oh, yeah. I forgot there'll be some hula hooping as well. w00t!

Have fun, come.
911 Poland Ave.


Carnival Recovery

The Annual Krewe of Chartreuse stumble has come to an end. From our annual march down St Charles Avenue through the meeting of the subkrewes and subsequent Grand Rumpus Toast it was, as always, a blast!

Way too much Green Chartreuse was consumed, Maitri was initiated looking lovely in her finery, our Charter Member and Krewe De Noir Captain Micahra returned form her exile in L.A. just in time, Lex and I got remarried in a SubGenius ceremony, and we all had a day of purest catharsis. I think I now feel more stable and human in the aftermath then I have for months.

I have now stepped down as Dark Lord for the Krewe, only to be replaced by my predecessor! Could not go to a better recipient, especialy as he joined me amongst the racks of the 40+ set as of Carnival Day! Happy BDay Doodler!

Now those of you who do not hail from our beknighted city are proabably quite puzzled by the festivities, and not without reason. At first galnce it may seem counterintuitive to be partying when everything around us is so completely in disarry. What you need to  understand is the  psychological  ramifications for those of us  that  live here. 

We exist in a place where Katrina, the Federal Flood, and the ongoing trials infect every aspect of day to day life. Every interaction, every conversation, every walk down the block are tainted with the events of the past 18 months. In this sort of environment catharsis is essential.  On  Mardi Gras Day a pauper can be a prince,  a prince can be a clown, and the clowns that, "govern," us  can be skewered with impunity. Every masker is able to leave behind the wrekage of their former home and  cut loose in a collaborative satirization of the pain we are steeped in.

This is how we heal.

Let There Be Green!

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Mutant Throws

Mutant throws and propaganda are being generated at Casa Loki even now. 7am on the uptown route for those joining us, if not then noon under the horses ass for the rest of you. Founder Darq, Stybbie, Lylythe, Tzeenj, OftenAbsurd and I are here now.

Rumpus Prep 2007

Decadence Emergency

Mr. Donnie Jay, Decadence Grand-marshal XXXII, is in the hospital for complications from diabetes.
The Golden Lantern is having a benefit for him on Saturday, February 10, 2007.

There will be drink specials from 6am to 4pm. A Buffet from 6pm until all the food is gone. And At 9pm there will be a benefit Drag show proceeds going to Donnie Jay. There will also be raffle for Jet-Blue airline tickets.

Come out to support Mr. Donnie Jay. He needs our help!!